Exit Points

EXIT POINTS As humans, we all understand our life will consist of our birth and our death.  Did you know however that during our lives we also have built in optional exit points?   What is an exit point?   Exit points are times in our lives where for various reasons we have placed off […]

Hello From Heaven – Signs from loved ones in spirit

Hello From Heaven – Signs from loved ones in spirit     Have you ever wondered if your loved ones in spirit are still with you?  The answer is YES!   Often our messages appear to be displaced items.  Things that show up in a place that they wouldn’t normally be.  The key is, that whenever […]

Protection Stones

As empaths we are like a sponge absorbing the energy and emotions of other people, and even the places we visit.  Crowds can be overwhelming, and so can certain individuals that we come into contact with on a daily basis. One simple way to help protect us from unwanted energy is to incorporate specific stones […]

AI and the future of the Psychic Medium

Artificial Intelligence, or AI is being touted as the wave of the future. I recently had the question posed to me, “how do you think AI will affect you, as a psychic medium?” Instantly I was transported back to my teen years where I would eagerly flip to the astrology predictions in my local paper. […]