Hello From Heaven – Signs from loved ones in spirit



Have you ever wondered if your loved ones in spirit are still with you?  The answer is YES!  

Often our messages appear to be displaced items.  Things that show up in a place that they wouldn’t normally be.  The key is, that whenever you pause and notice something odd, take note.  There’s a good chance it’s a hello.


Here are some of their favourite ways to communicate with us.



I think most of us can recall a time when we noticed a feather lying on the ground.  Feathers have been touted as a simple way for our loved ones in spirit to reach out to us and say hello.  They are easy to notice and can be collected as a reminder of our loved ones.  Notice the colour.  Does it hold special meaning to you?  Is it something you associate with a loved one?  Their favourite colour?  Could it be from their favourite bird?  Let your mind wander.  You’ll understand it.



Coins are another easy form of communication from spirit.  In my case, my Father sends me Canadian coins in places like my car or hallway, here in my American home.  It’s particularly amusing to find a Canadian penny, from a currency that hasn’t been minted since 2012.  The next time you find a coin, check the year on it.  You might be surprised to find it is important to you,



Sequenced, or repeated numbers that we see regularly, are often referred to as angel numbers.  In my mind, these numbers can also come from our loved ones.  Take note of numbers that show birthdays, or special days.  Maybe the clock will say 10:24 which is your birthday, or you will see 8:32 which was the number on your childhood home. If you don’t recognize a pattern, try keeping a list.  Over time you may find the connection.



Suppose you are thinking of a loved one and their favorite song comes on. Coincidence?  Not likely,  It’s probably confirmation from them that they are with you at that moment in time.  


Birds and other Animals

If you are like me, there is one animal that appears semi-regularly at odd times and or places.  For me, my Father comes as a Monarch butterfly, always alone, always in my backyard, and always flies right up into my space before leaving.  Maybe for you it’s dragonflies, or tree frogs or the ever popular cardinal.  No matter what it is, make sure you say hi to your loved one.  It took energy for them to reach out to you.


Yes, they are always with us.  Acknowledge and recognize the signs, but don’t think too hard about their meaning.  Sometimes it’s just a reminder you aren’t alone.  And other times, it’s just a cardinal.

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  1. My father passes in 2016. My Mom during the spring, always has a white butterfly that flies up to her window and she points it out to me and sys that the butterfly comes at the same time everyday. I tell her it’s my Dad. It has to be.

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