A Unique Medium

I received my first set of Tarot cards as a gift while still a teenager. I studied them carefully and read everything that I could find on their meaning and use.


I found that I was able to share messages with friends and family members. Several years later, I was introduced to the ‘Angel and Oracle’ cards, which are now my primary source for receiving and sharing messages. I love the fact that the ‘Angel and Oracle’ cards offer guidance and light in a very positive way. However, sometimes I’m drawn to other Tarot sets when searching for messages or clarifications on certain subjects.


During readings, the cards are my invariable starting point; as I spend time with the sitter, I receive further information via clairvoyance and clairaudience to guide me in interpreting their message.


Studying Tarot is a lifelong journey, and my skills continue to grow and evolve. I feel honored to be accepted into the community of professional practitioners and to benefit from the experience of knowledgeable peers.


It is always a pleasure to meet my sitters and to try to help them in addressing their deepest concerns.

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Hear From Happy Clients

“…She gave me insight and suggestions on how to balance my life.  I loved the reading.  My dad came through and that meant the world to me.  I will definitely have her do another reading…Thank you Erin.”

- Francesca

“…Her intuition and ability to read people is exceptional!  I highly recommend a reading with Erin.  You won’t regret it!”

- Denise

“…Erin was simply amazing…She was spot on…She has a unique way of connecting spiritually to others.  Thank you Erin!”

- Karrie