As humans, we all understand our life will consist of our birth and our death.  Did you know however that during our lives we also have built in optional exit points?


What is an exit point?


Exit points are times in our lives where for various reasons we have placed off ramps for ourselves.  These options allow us to leave the earth realm and return to spirit at various times.


Why would we choose an exit point?


Some of us may choose an exit point because our karma is cleared and most of our lessons are learned.  Others may have a body that is wearing out faster than anticipated and opt to shed it early.


Have I had an exit point?


If you look back at your life and note a time when you were seriously ill and weren’t sure if you would recover, or possibly survived a devastating accident unharmed, it could have been an exit point.


In my life, I have heard of individuals who were given a life threatening diagnosis that would require months of treatment that might not result in a cure.  Some of those individuals have opted to leave early via accidents or even the flu.  They decided that the outcome would not be changed by prolonging their time on earth.


Always remember that the decision to stay or leave is always made for the highest good, even if it doesn’t see it.  No one ever really leaves, we just return to spirit.

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  1. Metaphysics teaches us that we all have three exit points. I’ve experienced two of mine earlier in life, so I guess the last one is next, which is fine with me.


  2. I think my father did this. My daughter asked me today if my Dad knew he was going to pass away and I said yes because he told each of us that he loved us the week he passed The night he passed he asked me to tell my Mom to go to bed with him. He wanted her near but oddly enough, he passed when she got up in the middle of the night to go to the bathroom. He also was calling for his father which I never heard him talk about him like that. He was ready to pass. I know he is near and I am fortunate enough to have him in my dreams sometimes although he never speaks.

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